Friday, January 13, 2017

Add the sprinkles!!!

It was about fifteen years ago when my husband and his good friend traveled to Atlanta to watch a big football game.  We were young, poor, and rarely afforded such "treats" as a just-for-fun road trip.  While on this trip the two guys decided to have an ice cream snack at Baskin Robbins.  While my hubby's friend was quick to make his ice cream choice, my love had a hard time deciding if he should spend the extra 25 cents on sprinkles for his ice cream.  As he debated and debated, even wondering if I would be upset about the extra money spent, his good friend jumped in and said, "Buddy, I'll give you the quarter to buy your sprinkles.  Add the sprinkles!"

This story quickly rushed back to our memory this past week when my husband celebrated his fortieth birthday.  We laughed with fondness as he opened his gift from the roadtrip friend and it was a jar of colorful sprinkles.  The very funny card wished my husband a happy birthday and ended with "Add the sprinkles!"  As we shared this story with our children who wondered why Dad received sprinkles for a gift (AND did this mean we would have ice cream soon), it brought back many memories of a simpler time for us.  A time of focused survival, God providing for our needs, sacrificing much, but oblivious to the material sacrifices because we were "livin' on love!"  Upon hearing the story, our children could not BELIEVE Dad could not afford 25cent sprinkles!!!  And actually, as I think back on that time, it is hard for me to remember just how "tight" things were, how little there was for any extras, how special a treat was when you received it so rarely.

So as the past few days have come and gone bringing in a new year, I continue to reflect on this story.  I too need to "Add the sprinkles!"  I like to live life compartmentalized, living off to-do lists, first I'll do this, then I'll start that.  I've been known to say, "Child, let me get this and that done, THEN I can play ball with you."  Dayla, its time to stop this way of thinking and add the sprinkles!  Add them to the rushed moments as everyone starts their day, by sharing a warm smile and hug with my family.  Add them to my busy errands/appointments by sharing a laugh, a smile, a story with a stranger.  Add them to the busy evenings filled with homework, dinner, and activities by choosing to have a spontaneous dance party during after dinner clean-up. Add the sprinkles! Now. Don't wait.  Add the sprinkles and soon you will be tasting the sweet joys that come from living NOW. Not later, after this task is complete, once I meet this goal, when the kids are grown.  NOW.  The time is now.  Oh Dayla, hear these words and live them!

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