Friday, February 26, 2016

An open letter to my child's interventionist, therapist & teacher

Dear teacher, interventionist, therapist of challenged kids,

Thank you.  Thank you for the times you worked through my child's fits, tears, screams,and kicks. Thank you for gently redirecting my child when on the brink of a meltdown.  Thank you for loving my child exactly how he is....not attempting to change him but to encourage the best in him.  Thank you for taking the time to listen to me about my concerns for our child.  Thank you for gently smiling and continuing to work with my child when you see those tears in my eyes.  Sometimes they are tears of pure joy and amazement.  Sometimes they are tears of overwhelming frustration but you never ask which tears they are, you simply smile and continue on.  Your smile tells me that you understand and that yes he is amazing and yes this can be frustrating but we  will continue to work together.

Thank you for having my child on your case load but teaching me too.  So often your gentle reminders, calm voice, methods of redirection come to my mind as I am caring for my child.  I am learning too.  I am learning we are all capable of more.  I am learning to challenge and push myself, just like you challenge my child.

Thank you for the extras.  The crafts, the gifts, the hugs, the rewards, the making my child feel like he is the only student you have.  I know you have other students, in fact you might just have children of your own but you bring patience and grace to each moment with our son.  Thank you for celebrating the little milestones with us, the ones most people take for granted. Thank you for not comparing him to others.  Thank you for giving your all.  For discovering new methods of teaching that will meet our son's specific needs and challenges.  Thank you for making all the therapy fun, diverse, and not so much like work.  Thank you for persevering, for pressing on, for not giving up on us.

Oh, and for the other parents....the ones who are too overwhelmed, too frustrated, too unsure to take a moment to say thank you, we thank you!  We see you loving each of our children and their unique qualities.  We see your heart breaking for some dismal circumstances.  We see you caring.  We see your sacrifice.  Thank you for loving, teaching, guiding, and challenging our children.

You encourage us.  You challenge us.  You are making a difference and we will be forever grateful.

May you be blessed as you have richly blessed us!

An Indebted Mommy