Friday, October 2, 2015

I cried.....but it was a happy cry.

This morning I cried.  It was not my often teary-eyed, quiet, hope-I-don't-get-noticed cry.  Nope. Instead I sobbed and laughed and smiled and cried.  You see our sweet three year old son and I had a conversation.  A real conversation.  It contained details and needs and exclamations.  It was SO great!!! It was SOOOOOOO great!!!! I am tearing up again just thinking about it. There is so much work, practice, money for BAHAs, therapy, prayers, and God's amazing help to get Brody to this very point.  A year ago, communicating was nearly non-existent.  Besides a handful of signs to express his immediate needs, most of his communication came in the form of tears, screaming, hitting, and acting out. There was so much frustration.  For all of us.  Our boy had so much to say, so much to share, but did not know how to get it out.  I remember telling our dear speech therapist, "I don't know how much longer I can handle the grunting and moaning for his needs!"  Now, that sounds so silly and simple-minded but when in the moment, it can be overwhelming!

Within months of the grunting, came the first clear words and we celebrated!  We learned to get by with simple words and were thrilled with some progress.  Then, just two months ago, he said two very simple sentences and I told all who would listen! We walked into a stinky garage and Brody said, "Oh my goodness! Shew. That stinks."  I cheered for him. Yes, Buddy, it does stink!  .......And sometimes so does hard work but boy oh boy, is it worth it!

Brody and Ms Sam happily working at speech therapy!

For the therapy sessions when I cried before, during or after, it is worth it. For the flailing tantrums that occurred publicly, it is worth it. For the long road trips when all we heard was crying, it is worth it. For all the therapy when you were mad, it is worth it.  For the sacrifices, you are always worth it.  Because today we had a conversation.  And I know it is just the beginning of many!  I'm so excited!  I can't wait to hear our boy's likes, dislikes, dreams, thoughts, and concerns.

 Though I can hardly believe it, I know who to thank.

Dear Father, you are so very good to us!  You are Faithful.  You provide strength for the weary and wisdom for the lacking.  Thank you for encouragement in the little things of this life.  In a week where I have been distracted by things, you have reminded me what matters.  Thank you dear Father!!!!  We give you all the glory!  May you continue to work in Brody's life and ours.  Amen.