Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's Family Day for us!

One year ago this week,  we met our second son face to face.  He was already 22 months old but we touched him, changed him, held him, fed him, and played with him for the very first time.  The sweet miracle of this moment will not be forgotten in our hearts and minds.  The miracle of bringing a family together and uniting them beyond blood, flesh, or DNA but through heart strings, through love.  For me, remembering this day, the day we met our second son brings great joy and tears to my eyes.  It was a day we had longed for and felt might never come.  It was as precious as holding each of our other children in our arms for the first time at the hospital.  It is those moments that are forever etched in your mind.  But two days later after meeting our son another event occurred.  We had a farewell party at Mother's Choice.  We said our goodbyes to his caregivers and the only home he had ever known.  We left with a suitcase filled with belongings, crafts, pictures, and love notes.  We stood on the curb with huge lumps in our throats and quiet tears streaming down our faces.  That day, our Gotcha Day as some of the adoption community refers to it, met us with sweet bitterness.  We did not feel complete joy because it seemed we were tearing our son away from those who knew him best, loved him well, cared for him when we could not.  It was confusing, emotional, and painful. 

So as Travis and I frequently reflect on this week one year ago, we are met with many emotions.  And yes, just as we celebrate the day we met our children, we also want to celebrate and remember this day.  There is much discussion in the adoption community regarding the term "Gotcha Day" as it is met with many different emotions and has a rather negative connotation.  For me, I feel each family should do what is best for theirs.  For us, we choose to celebrate Family Day, May 23rd, the day we were united together at a small Tennessee airport.   Because for us, the sweetest moments came when we met our son AND when we reunited with our  oldest two children bringing our family together as five.  Our first night together as Hurley's, family of five, was the first time we saw our youngest son break into a huge smile.  He was with his brother and sister and he was oh so happy!

 May 23, 2014

 May 23, 2015

"And the greatest of these is LOVE!"

Yes he needed a Mommy and a Daddy but God knew how he needed his brother and sister.  His first night home he chased them throughout our home, giggled, and laughed.  It was the most joy we had seen in his little body since we met him and it brought us great joy.'s to Family Day!  Because whether your family is large or small, chosen or blood, functional or not so functional, they are precious and deserve celebrating!