Thursday, December 4, 2014

Officially Ours.

December 4, 2014:
Wow. Today was another BIG day for the Hurley family.  A special day.  A day we've looked forward to and now that it has arrived it seems hard to find words to describe how special it was.  Today, the five of us, went to our local courthouse and officially, legally Brody became a Hurley.   During those proceedings, Brody's name legally became Brody Lawrence Hurley and he is now a United States citizen.  Wow. This is a big deal! 

We were all up early, dressing up for the occasion and filled with excitement.  Brilee said he was a bit nervous and his knees were shaking by the time we arrived at the courthouse.  Brody was dressed in his suit and tie and looked oh so handsome!  This is an occasion worth dressing up for!  We met Judge Rambo in his chambers, just him, the five of us, and our lawyer.  He reviewed the records, asked Travis and I to take an oath of truth, and then asked us several questions.  I wish I could remember each word but to be honest I was crying (of course) and was trying to focus on staying composed.  I know that Judge Rambo asked if we agreed to care for Brody as his mother and father for life and of course we agreed! (I could barely speak.)  As the Judge spoke, Brody was quiet and intently listening.  The Judge's final words were that he declares us a family and our son's name is now Brody Lawrence Hurley.  Brody clapped his hands together and grinned.  What a precious moment for a precious boy! 

And just like that months of paperwork, time, waiting, travelling, appointments, praying, and more waiting  came to an end.  I am continuously amazed by God's faithfulness and provision.  He is SO good.  We do not deserve a thing but thanks be to HIM, all of this has nothing to do with what we deserve! 

It seems Brody has known all day that this is a special day.  He came bounding into our room at 6am with a candy bar in his hand for breakfast.  I said, no Brody not now and he jabbered as if to say, "But Mom, it is a really special day!"  I agree, Brody, I agree.  We received American flags at the courthouse and Brody has not put his down.  All day long.  He has marched about, sang, played, ate, and napped all with his flag in his hand.

Tonight we celebrated the day with a red, white & blue party.

What a sweet time.  Again we are reminded of those who have surrounded us with encouragement, gifts, and prayers.  We want to thank each one of you with a big smile and warm hug.  Thank you for encouraging us on this journey. Words will never express how much your outpouring of love has meant to us.

Just as we departed from the Hong Kong airport, I am again reminded today that adoption brings such bitter sweetness.  With each gain, seems to come loss.  In gaining a family that richly loves him, Brody has loss his birthparents, his home country, his native language, and growing up in his homeland.

This saddens me at times but we know Brody has also gained much.  He has a forever family, extended family, church family, excellent healthcare, love, discipline, structure, a home,  and a new heritage as an Asian American.  The list could go on and on.  I only point this out because so often we see the pictures of smiles, celebrations, hugs, and happiness but do not publicly see the loss, hurt, commitment, perseverance, and faithfulness that people endure to arrive at the joyful times.  Or sometimes the smiles cover the hurt, aching, and loss.  Hug those around you.  Encourage others.  The hardest battles are the ones that bring the sweetest gains.
So tonight as we tuck our wee ones into bed, we do so just as we have the last six months, but maybe with a little extra sweetness on our lips and in our hearts, one that comes from rejoicing.  We are again reminded of God's goodness, faithfulness, and constant provision in our lives.  We know each step forward will not always be easy but we will rejoice now and continue onward for we know who holds each day and life.  God is SO good.  To HIM be the glory!