Wednesday, June 3, 2015

HE heals!

This post is not like the others.  Then again,maybe it is.  Because for us, one continual thread is being taught to us....through God's great love, HE provides.  Tonight HE provided through HIS great healing power!

We are in the midst of our Vacation Bible School week studying God's power.  Sunday and Monday night we learned that God provides and God comforts as we studied Elijah.  Tonight we looked at the healing story of Naaman (2 Kings 5) and God has the power to heal.  As we taught the lesson, the children listed other ailments that had affected themselves or people around them.  The virus.  A cold.  Cancer.  Heart trouble.  Cystic fibrosis.  ALS.  After studying Naaman's story, we focused on the truth that whether here on Earth or at our eternal home, God will heal us!  What a promise!  For most kiddos, I think it is hard to apply this to themselves.  Then......we had the opportunity!:)

Brooklyn, who absolutely loves to swing, was swinging high on the playground during her class's game time. She took an acrobatic backwards fly off the swing and landed on her wrist.  Of course there were tears, loving pats, ice, and examination of the injury.  She decided to finish out the night with her class and attended the closing praise time. It did not take long to realize her pain was significant and not improving so we decided to make a visit to the children's emergency room for an evaluation.  Before we left for the hospital, our sweet children's director pointed to Brooklyn's VBS necklace and the charm for today's lesson.  It read, "He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds." Psalm 147:3  God has the power to heal!  Yes, what comfort!

(I wish I could say she looks this good today. Poor girl is hurting!)

While waiting in the emergency room, we chatted about Bible school, Brooklyn's favorite memories, of the week,  and what she had learned.  We read that Psalm several times and even shared it with her physician.  What peace He provides!  What timing!  It is of no coincidence.  Our God is in control and He is working together all things good for those who love HIM.

Thank you Lord for providing, for healing, and giving us peace!!! He IS good!